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Shaker Glen Construction is a father/ son partnership. Dick (father) has been in the construction business for over 45 years. Rich (son) joined him 15 years ago. "Attention to detail" has been their motto since their first project.



Dick has been a private pilot for most of those 45 years where attention to detail is a critical component. I would like to say that I have seen it all, but in construction and renovation there is always something new. Like many, the first few  years were spent remodeling ,renovating and adding on. After a few years we started constructing homes from the ground up. Building spec homes was both rewarding and challenging. Creating a product that you can be proud of yet, within budget is not easy. After a short period of years, as our reputation grew so did the opportunity for custom homes. Building HOMES which we have always done as if they were our own, has not only created a large customer base but also a great number of new friends. We always approach new construction from the standpoint of  the homeowner. We strive to deliver a product that all involved in, can be proud of.

Rich started working in the new construction industry as a young kid during the summer months and after graduating from Bucknell University with a Business degree, he joined his father full time. From his early years, Rich has always enjoyed being around the jobsite and interacting with both co-workers and clients. Having a keen eye for detail, Rich always ensures that the finished product is done to perfection. " I always enjoy discussing projects with clients and turning their hopes and dreams into a reality." Rich currently lives in the North End of Boston with his wife and their two young boys.

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